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Our’ GREEN INITATIVES” program began in 2008 with the establishment of our worm farm, our little critters recycle all of the vegetable waste discarded from our restaurant kitchen, and the vermicast produced is used to make our nutrient rich and biologically active compost teas which is used on our greens, surrounds and gardens. The only waste from the kitchen that enters land fill is packaging, everything else including the egg shells and onion skins are collected and either composted or fermented to make insect deterrents.

One of our goals is to reduce our dependency on chemicals and synthetic fertilizers used to maintain our greens .Growing and maintaining sports turf sustainably is very demanding, our use of synthetic fertilizers has decreased significantly over the past several years as we develop a program to balance our soil biology by converting our organic waste into high quality compost and compost teas. We are selectively growing plants throughout our gardens that contain the vital minerals deficient in our soils .these plants are harvested and fermented for several weeks to produce our own natural fertilizers. We still have a lot to learn but as the quality of our products increase so will the quality of our greens surfaces.

Cabarita beach bowls and sports club is a member of the office of environment and heritages “sustainable advantage scheme “this program is a business support service that helps organizations like ours improve their environmental performance, reduce costs and value add to its business. The sustainable advantage recognition scheme provides public acknowledge of our achievements through the program.

We have established a strategic plan to deal with our waste, energy and water consumption. This plan is constantly monitored and reviewed.


At CBBSC our long-term vision is committed to being innovative to deliver a sustainable future. We will support our local community and create partnerships so that our organization and the community continue to grow and flourish together.

Together with the support of management, staff and club members we are well on our way to a more sustainable future.

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Tahitian Lime Tree with a beautiful crop

Tahitian Lime Tree with a beautiful crop




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