K2 Duo

When24 Jan
Time7:30 pm-11:30 pm

K2 duo comprises Chris Browning and Shane Stebbings, both experienced guitarists and vocalists.

Chris Browning is originally from Hobart, where he played in various bands, most notably Modern Daze who were a very popular and successful band in the early eighties. Their success led to supports with some of the biggest acts in Australia including Angels, Mondo Rock, The Church, Goanna, Swanee, The Models, Dear Enemy.

Moving to Queensland 30 years ago Chris played in several bands which eventually led to the duo K2 which has been playing together for over 10 years on the Gold Coast, having played over 500 shows together.

Shane Stebbings, also originally from Tasmania, played in various bands as lead vocalist and guitarist for 10 years with supports for many touring acts including Lee Kernagan and The Blues Brothers Show.

Shane moved to Queensland several years ago, where he teamed up with Chris to form K2.

The band plays a huge variety of music from; pub rock to fifties and sixties, ballads to classic Aussie rock and current hits.

They have a very large repertoire and gained enormous experience in entertaining a variety of audiences over the last 8 years all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Chris and Shane, with a huge amount of experience, concentrate on the music they grew up with, mixing in an amount of classic rock, current, dance, fifties and sixties, with the best of the seventies, eighties and nineties.