Let there be AC/DC

Let there be AC/DC
When24 Aug
Time7:30 pm-11:30 pm

Let There Be AC/DC
A truly world class AC/DC Show that delivers as close to the real AC/DC experience as possible.
Each member of Let There Be AC/DC has been addicted to the Greatest Rock Band in the world from a very early age.
Let There Be AC/DC play each and every song note for note, with incredible high energy and excellence in execution.
Just as it was meant to be!
Let there be AC/DC
All the big songs are covered in our show so there is something for Bon Scott & Brian Johnson fans alike.
Lead vocalist Adam is not only a brilliant world class vocalist he has the Bon and Brian Swagger down to a T, a true Professional.
Couple this with the might & dynamic ANGUS [Josh Overson] and a blistering brick wall rhythm section you have the closest homage to the Great AC/DC in their heyday on the planet!.
Do not miss this show! For those about to ROCK! We salute you!

Let There Be AC/DC Promo Video

Posted by Let There Be AC/DC on Monday, 11 September 2017