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The Mission of our Club is to provide quality facilities and friendly service that enhances the growth of our business for the benefit of members and visitors
The Club on the coast with the Most!

Welcome to Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club. Situated in beautiful Cabarita Beach on the NSW North Coast we are only a short drive from the Gold Coast. Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club is committed too: ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for customers and staff alike, being a beneficial partner to the community with a focus on sport, continuing to be a role model for environmental sustainability, and doing things well consistently.


Social Golf Club

The Social Golf Club is a sub-club of the Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club and is a family orientated Club.

Membership (senior or junior) is just $5.50 per year plus just $35 per round no matter which course you play! The Club plays social golf approximately once per month at local golf courses. After the game golfers return to the Club for a presentation in the clubs Auditorium. The Committee of the Golf Club meet on the second Tuesday of the month at the Sports Club.

  • President – Chris Middleton – ph. 0428 869 625
  • Secretary – Fred Perlenfein – ph. 0418 590 849
  • Treasurer – Ben Huber – ph. 0455 295 003
  • Club Captain – Craig Montgommery – ph. 0418 870 362

New members welcome – contact any Committee member for more information
or Click here for program of events

Fishing Club

The Cabarita Beach Social Fishing Club is a sub-club of the Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club, and is a family orientated Club.

We have a fishing competition on the first full weekend of each month. We also organise 2-3 weekend away fishing trips per year.
Members may fish anywhere – Beach, Estuary, Rock or Offshore.
Fishing commences at 5:00am Saturday until weigh-in at 12 noon Sunday.
The weigh-in is held at the Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club at the old Club house. At the weigh-in we provide a light lunch for members and their families.

Adult members must firstly be a financial member of the Bowls & Sports Club. It will cost adults an additional $5.50 and juniors $3.30, to join the Fishing Club. The cost to fish each month is $4.00 for adults and $1.00 for juniors and sub-juniors, payable at the weigh-in.
Membership application forms are available at the Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club reception desk. The reception desk can also provide copies of the Club rules and annual calendar of events.

For further information or queries, please contact:

Bob Wickbold – Secretary on 02 66760313 or 0439 453 783


At the May 1962 meeting of the Cabarita Beach Progress Association, it was moved by Alec Roberts of Lismore and seconded by John Booker that a Bowling Club be formed in the Cabarita area. A public meeting was called on 13th July 1962 in the Cabarita Beach Country Club Hotel lounge. Twelve people attended with another 26 men promising to join the club. On Monday 26/8/1962 the inaugural meeting was held at the Hotel and the first committee was elected for the formation of the Cabarita Beach Bowls Club.

The members of the Foundation Men’s Committee were:

PresidentFrank Pearson
Vice PresidentReg Pye
SecretaryKen Hansen
TreasurerPhil Bonner
Other membersJohn Booker, Bob Hewitt, Don Johansen,
Stan Boyd, Alec Roberts

Alec Roberts and John Booker were endorsed as Founders of the Cabarita Beach Bowls Club.

The Ladies formed an Auxiliary to help the Men’s Club.

On 1/6/1963, the Men’s Club invited the ladies to form their own club. The Foundation Committee of the Women’s Club included:

PresidentD. Pearson
Vice PresidentE. Pye
SecretaryI. Bragg/H. Johansen
TreasurerM. Hewitt
Other membersR. Foyster, E. Bonner, I. Howarth,
J. Hensler, N. McCarthy, L.Hardy

The club was incorporated on the 28th June 1972 and had the first Board appointed in September 1984.



By September 1962, 8 blocks of land bounded by Kauri Ave and Jacaranda Ave had been purchased from John Booker’s Cabarita Proprietary Limited for 1,200 pounds and tenders called for construction of Green 1. Surveying for the first green commenced immediately and was done by Barry Sheppard (2013 bowling member) who was working for Frank Butler (honorary surveyor). The laying of turf for Green 1 was contracted to a Brisbane turf contractor. Unfortunately the contractor left before the job was finished and the members completed the task on Boxing Day 1962.

On 13th July 1963, the members and invited guests celebrated the  opening of the new green and enjoyed the facilities of the new clubhouse. Tweed Shire Council President, Cr. Harold Lundberg, a member of the Condong Club, was present on this special occasion.

The Clubhouse and Green1 (Barry Murname Green) was officially dedicated on the 21st November 1964 by the Gold Coast District Bowls Association President George Jackman and the Club’s first President Frank Pearson.

Green 2 (Bill Cooley Green) was laid in 1966 and officially opened in 1968.

In 1972, additional land fronting Cabarita Road was obtained from Hansen Developments Pty. Ltd. with the land for Green 3 being a generous donation. The reason for purchasing this land was to stop shadow from any prospective double storey buildings being thrown over established greens. Green 3 (Bill Gibson Green) was laid and opened in 1974.

Twilight bowls under lights was being enjoyed by members by 1968. New lights were installed on Green 3 in 2010. These lights were moved to Green 1 in 2013.

Alf Clancy was appointed the first Greenkeeper of the club on 12th July 1963. 

In 2013, the club employs three staff to look after the maintenance and preparation of the greens. Dave Perez (Head Greenkeeper) and his team have adopted an environmentally friendly approach in ensuring the greens are the best on the Tweed Coast. In 2011, Dave Perez was named the ‘NSW Greenkeeper of the Year’.


The original Clubhouse was constructed by builder Alec Roberts late in 1962 using concrete bricks that Ken Hansen had arranged from Besser Block Company as a donation.

A liquor licence was granted to the new club on the 12th September 1963.

The official dedication of the clubhouse was made on the 21st November 1964 by GCDBA President George Jackman.

It was reported that the ‘old’ clubhouse housed 4 poker machines. From the first weeks in 1963 social events for fund raising and enjoyment were held regularly.  In October 1965 fortnightly indoor bowls, darts, table tennis and mini pool social nights were held and in 1966 the club held their first ball. These social events were very important for the growing Bogangar population.

Building on a new clubhouse on the land fronting Cabarita Road commenced in 1976 and the building was officially opened on the 28th May 1977 by Mr. E. Smith (President, Royal Queensland Bowling Association).  The new clubhouse was about four times as large as the old clubhouse. In 1986, major extensions were started on the eastern end of this clubhouse and the enlarged clubhouse was officially opened on the 5th March 1988 by Hon. Don Beck (MP).

Extensive internal renovations to the clubhouse were made at the beginning of the 21st century with the restaurant moved upstairs and the main bar and 45 poker machines moved downstairs. These changes were operational in 2007.

In 2012/13, the Board embarked on upgrading the internal facilities of the club with the opportunity to create a divided function area upstairs, upgrading of the kitchen, new ladies toilet downstairs at the western end and extensions to the TAB area. In 2012, 266 solar panels were installed on the roof of the club to assist with spiralling electricity costs and to complement the environmentally friendly focus being adopted by the club.

Since the construction of the new clubhouse in 1977, the southern end of the ‘old’ clubhouse has served as a meeting room for various organizations and various activities which include indoor bowls and Kids Club. The northern end has accommodated the greenkeeper and his equipment.

Men’s BC Presidents   
F. Pearson 1962-1965
A. Buchan1965
B. Murnane1965-1967
B. Cooley1967-1969
H. Wallace1969-1972
C. Partridge1972-1973
D. Kemby1973-1975
C. Partridge1975-1976
B. Gibson1976-1977
C. Partridge1977-1978
B. Gibson1978-1979
W. Anthony1979-1984
A. Bryce1984-1986
N. Davies1986-1987
J. Hosking1987-1988
R. Norman1988-1990
M. Petrie1990-1991
K. Vincent1991-1993
K. Parker 1993-1994
J. Aldrick 1994-1996
A. Hollingworth 1996-1997
C. Small 1997-1998
C. Elsey 1998-1999
P. Glancy1999-2001
R. O’Sullivan 2001-2002
R. Anderson 2002-2003
P. Glancy 2003-2004
R. McCauley 2004-2006
J. Turner 2006
R. McCauley 2006-2007
E. Carsley 2007-2009
M. Morgan 2009-2013
R McCauley 2013-2016
G Goode 2016-2017
D Crow 2017-2018
K Foran 2018-2019
E Marsden 2019-2020
Women’s BC Presidents
D. Pearson1963-1967
E. Costigan1967-1969
L. Hardy1969-1971
M. Ledger1971-1972
K. Wallace1972-1974
M. Cox1974-1976
H. Charlton1976-1979
M. Adams1979-1981
J. Hodgson1981-1983
S. Brown1983-1986
D. O’Brien1986
J. Walker1986-1987
D. Kent1989-1990
J. Hanson1990-1992
K. Dimauro1992-1994
M. Childs1994-1996
J. Fyfe1996-1998
B. Brown1998-2000
B. Minto2000-2002
M. Lambert2002-2004
G. Cartwright 2004-2006
A. Harbison2006-2007
V. Edwards2007-2009
G. Cartwright2009-2011
H. Muller2011-2013
R. Wickbold2013-2014
S. Goode2014-2016
K. Cranwell2016-2017
S Harriman2017-2019
Lois McLeod2019-2020
Men Life Members   
B. Murnane ✟
W. Cooley ✟1982
W. Gibson ✟1983
G. Brownlie ✟1987
K. Cupitt ✟1991
I. Lancett ✟1992
R. Burger ✟1993
B. Seymour ✟1997
A.E. Baldry ✟1998
G. Davidson2005
F. Cameron ✟2005
B. Overall ✟2005
K. Hansen ✟2008
P. Glancy2011
C. Small ✟2011
R. Coustley2011
J. Baxter ✟2012
Jack McArdle2015
Bobby Pilling2015
Ian Crabb2019
Rick Maunders2019
Barry Sheppard2020
Women Life Members
D. Pearson ✟1988
M. Adams ✟1988
L. Hardy ✟1994
H. Charlton ✟1994
J. Hanson ✟2004
B. Brown ✟2005
S. Vincent2005
K. Dimauro2011
M. Shaw ✟2012
M. Lambert2012
G. Cartwright2012

Dress Code

An acceptable standard of smart casual dress and footwear is required. Dirty, provocative or offensive clothing is not permitted. Sleeveless shirts or singlets are not permitted for Males. Managements decision is final.

Board of Directors

  • Greg Goode (Chairman)                          
  • Greg Dryden (Deputy Chair)          
  • John Klose                                                
  • Wayne Moore
  • Kearen Finn
  • Marg Turner  


The Tweed Coasts #1 Asian Restaurant “The Cheeky Chopstick
Premium Customer Service that remembers your order!
Complimentary Courtesy Bus from Pottsville to Salt.
Full TAB
Bottle shop open 7 days
Children’s outdoor play area.


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*Quarterly P&L Accounts & Balance Sheet are available to members upon written request to secretary@cbbsc.com.au

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