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Welcome to Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club. Situated in beautiful Cabarita on the NSW North Coast we are only a short drive from the Gold Coast. Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club is committed to: ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for customers and staff alike, being a beneficial partner to the community with a focus on sport, continuing to be a role model for environmental sustainability, and doing things well consistently. With a huge line-up of live entertainment every weekend, the best drink prices on the coast, fantastic food options at the Dragon Sea Restaurant and wonderful customer service you will enjoy your visits time and time again.

Our History

Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club has been supporting the local community since 1963. We believe in serving the needs of the community both financially and in-kind support. Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club, is proud of our community contributions over the last 49 years and wishes to continue this support well into the future. CBBSC supports many worthy community groups, charity and sporting organisations through the ClubGRANTS (formally CDSE) Scheme. In 2019, CBBSC donated in excess of $67,000 to local organisations.

Dress Code

An acceptable standard of smart casual dress and footwear is required. Dirty, provocative or offensive clothing is not permitted. Sleeveless shirts or singlets are not permitted for Males. Managements decision is final.


If you would like to work for a great team in a fantastic work environment then we want to hear from you. Just print out the attached Employment Application form, fill it in and send to: Cabarita Beach Bowls and Sports Club Cabarita Road Bogangar NSW 2488 We will then be in touch when something becomes available. Download Employment Application



Some of the organisations we do or have supported in the past are listed below -– Cabarita Beach Dune Care, Cabarita Youth Services, Murwillumbah Community Centre, Uki Sports & Recreation Club, Cabarita Beach/Pottsville Beach Lions Club, Bogangar Public School, Bogangar Public School P&C, Tweed Coast Junior Touch Assoc., Tweedlesea Senior Daycare Group, Kamillaroi Pony Club, Sam Ford Trust, Les Burger Field Skate Park Competition, The Family Community Project Centre (Cabarita Play Group), Tweed Coast Raiders JRLFC, Tweed Coast Raiders SRLFC, Bogangar Pippies Childcare Centre, Qld Flood Disaster Appeal, Princess Alexandria Hospital, World’s Greatest Shave. We also support – Cabarita Beach Bowls and Sports Club Social Clubs – Golf, Fishing, Indoor Bowls, Cricket and Art.

Disabled Facilities

Cabarita Beach Bowls and Sports Club is disabled friendly and has the following facilities to make your visit with us enjoyable.

  • An access ramp at the front and rear of the Club to the ground floor
  • An automated Chairlift for easy access to the restaurant
  • Numerous disabled parking spaces

Club Grants

About ClubGRANTS

Registered clubs make a real difference to the community. Last year, New South Wales clubs gave over $92 million to community groups, charities and sports organisations through the ClubGRANTS scheme – as part of clubs’ $1.2 billion contribution to the NSW community. Organisations such as Surf Life Saving, Men of League Foundation, Ted Noffs, Hunter BreastCare, SouthernCare, Vision Australia, SES and Legacy are just a few of the organisations that benefit from the support provided by clubs through the ClubGRANTS scheme. Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club supports many community groups, charity and sporting organisations through the Clubs NSW Community Development Support Expenditure Scheme (CDSE). Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club has donated over $100,000 to local groups over the last 18 months and is proud to support it’s local community. Click here for a list of organisations helped so far through the CDSE

Please carefully read the ClubGRANTS Guidelines to determine whether your project is eligble for funding and to take note of the reporting obligations for funding recipients.


ClubsNSW does not directly provide Club GRANTS funding. Our role in the scheme is at a policy and co-ordination level, funding is provided by our member clubs. Applications sent to ClubsNSW will be returned. If you have any enquiries after accessing the Club GRANTS Guidelines and the Local Committee Index, please contact the relevant club or local committee. Alternatively, you can contact the ClubsNSW Member Enquiries Centre on Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm on: Ph: 1300 730 001 Email: enquiries@clubsnsw.com.au Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club Donations:

How to Apply

Category One Applications

Click here for more information on how to Apply for Category 1 applications

Click here for Online Application form

For more information contact:
Shannon Rees
Tweed Shire Council
Ph:  02 6670 2951
Fax: 02 6672 4770
Email: srees@tweed.nsw.gov.au

Category Two Applications

Send Category 2 applications to: The General Manager ClubGRANTS Funding Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club| Cabarita Road Bogangar NSW 2488

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Greenkeeper of the Year

Check out some newspaper articles about Dave, our greenkeeper, named Greenkeeper of the Year after 35 years on the job! Congratulations Dave! 

Green Initiatives & our Worm Farm

Our’ GREEN INITIATIVES” program began in 2008 with the establishment of our worm farm, our little critters recycle all of the vegetable waste discarded from our restaurant kitchen, and the vermicast produced is used to make our nutrient rich and biologically active compost teas which is used on our greens, surrounds and gardens. The only waste from the kitchen that enters land fill is packaging, everything else including the egg shells and onion skins are collected and either composted or fermented to make insect deterrents.

One of our goals is to reduce our dependency on chemicals and synthetic fertilizers used to maintain our greens .Growing and maintaining sports turf sustainably is very demanding, our use of synthetic fertilizers has decreased significantly over the past several years as we develop a program to balance our soil biology by converting our organic waste into high quality compost and compost teas. We are selectively growing plants throughout our gardens that contain the vital minerals deficient in our soils .these plants are harvested and fermented for several weeks to produce our own natural fertilizers. We still have a lot to learn but as the quality of our products increase so will the quality of our greens surfaces.

Cabarita beach bowls and sports club is a member of the office of environment and heritages “sustainable advantage scheme “this program is a business support service that helps organizations like ours improve their environmental performance, reduce costs and value add to its business. The sustainable advantage recognition scheme provides public acknowledge of our achievements through the program.

We have established a strategic plan to deal with our waste, energy and water consumption. This plan is constantly monitored and reviewed.


At CBBSC our long-term vision is committed to being innovative to deliver a sustainable future. We will support our local community and create partnerships so that our organization and the community continue to grow and flourish together.

Tahitian Lime Tree with a beautiful crop

Tahitian Lime Tree with a beautiful crop

Compost Area

Compost Area

Weed garden, Stinging Nettle , Yarrow, African Marigold, Valerian, Chickweed, Purslane, Basil and Ameranthus.

Weed garden, Stinging Nettle , Yarrow, African Marigold, Valerian, Chickweed, Purslane, Basil and Ameranthus.

Worm Farm

Worm Farm

Worm farm and green initiatives

We endeavour to recycle all our organic matter in the future, and with the support of management ,staff and club members we are well on our way to a more sustainable future .

Recent Green Initiatives

  • Since the program’s inception in July 2012 we have fermented over 10,000 kg of restaurant table scraps that would have otherwise found its way into land fill.
  • Installation of 263 solar panels, supplying up to 25%of day time power usage.
  • 95% of our total kitchen waste is recycled.
  • 5 days a week we recycle all table scraps, 20/30lts a day using the Japanese fermentation process, the Bokashi system.
  • All our green waste is composted (thermal pile) to create a high quality compost.
  • All our excess mower clippings if not used in the composting system is sprayed with EM (effective microbes) which enables the grass to decompose quicker with no odor.
  • Our three “eureka” and one Lisbon lemon trees and five Tahitian lime trees planted in 2012 produced a great crop again this year supplying the bar and bottle shop with fresh fruit.
  • The bush tucker garden is coming along well; the midgen berry produced a good crop this year, members and guests are encouraged to try these sweet little berries. Tamarinds and plum pines etc will be fruiting in the next few years.
  • In 2014 we introduced our weed garden; in this area we grow beneficial weed plant species such as stinging nettle, yarrow, valerian, dandelion, chickweed and amaranths. These plants contain many of the essential minerals deficient in our soils. We harvest these plants at a specific time and ferment them for several weeks to produce a nutrient rich plant extract.
  • Chili and onion skins are fermented to make a repellant to help control soft bodied insects. (Grubs and scale etc.)

Cabarita Beach Dune Care

Cabarita Beach Dunecare is a volunteer group of local residents who help to manage vegetation along the coastal fringe by removing weeds and exotic species and replanting local native species. We are an independent group under the auspices of Tweed Landcare who provide expert advice and oversee our finances. The group is actively supported by Tweed Shire Council, Bogangar Public School, Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club and local businesses. We actively seek funding to support our programs. Workgroup Information Come along to one of our regular workgroups… all welcome – no experience necessary!

Saturday workgroup 8:30am – 10:30am on the 1st Saturday of each month We usually meet at the Dunecare container opposite Bogangar Public School Supervisor: Faye Nash ph. 0407831370 email fayelnash@gmail.com
Tuesday workgroup Winter 1.00pm – 3.00pm Summer 2.00pm – 4.00pm We usually meet at the Cabarita Beach Sports Club at the Nursery (behind the bowling greens) Supervisor: Annie Pollard ph: 0415896949 email: anne_pollard@hotmail.com
Wednesday workgroup 9.00am – 10.30.am on the 2nd Wednesday of each month We usually meet at the Dunecare container opposite Bogangar Public School Supervisor: Faye Nash ph. 0407831370 email fayelnash@gmail.com

Recent Projects

In addition to our monthly workgroups, within the last 12 months we have participated in Clean Up Australia Day and also created a Bush Tucker Trail along the hind dunes of South Banksia Forest. On National Tree Day, students from Bogangar Public School visited our newly created outdoor classroom where they learnt about the traditional uses of bush tucker. They then planted 20 varieties of bush tucker along the trail and participated in an educational plant identification activity. Dunecare also conducted a Bush Tucker activity with visiting Korean students. Ongoing support from Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club, has allowed us to propagate native plants from seed which has been collected from our coastal dunes and the Wallum Heath. Keep Australia Beautiful – Clean Beaches Awards In December 2012, Norries Cove and Cabarita Main Beach won the following awards in the NSW Clean Beaches – Connecting Our Coast Competition.

  • Community Partnership and Action Award – WINNER (Northern Rivers Region)
  • Overall Clean Beach Award – Highly Commended (Northern Rivers Region)
  • Friendly Beach Award – Highly Commended (Northern Rivers Region)
  • Young Legends Award – Highly Commended (Northern Rivers Region)

We are also the current Winners of the 2013 Community Partnerships and Action Award N.S.W.and Runners-Up in the State’s Young Legends Award. In December 2011, Maggies Beach (Cabarita South Beach) won the following awards in the NSW Clean Beaches Competition for 2011:

  • Overall Clean Beach Award – WINNER (Northern Rivers Region)
  • Community Partnership and Action Award – WINNER (Northern Rivers Region)
  • Environmental Protection Award – Highly Commended (Northern Rivers Region)
  • Friendly Beach Award – Highly Commended (Northern Rivers Region)
  • Young Legends Award – Highly Commended (Northern Rivers Region)

Current / Future Projects

  • Seed collecting and raising seedlings in our native plant nursery.
  • In collaboration with Tweed Council, the design of interpretative signage for the Bush Tucker Trail.
  • Regeneration and revegetation project at Norries Headland.
  • Clean Up Australia (March) and National Tree Day (July).
  • Weed control at Cabarita Hill
  • Seeking a solution to the appearance of the barren Sewerage Filtration site.
  • Stage 3 of the Outdoor Classroom.

Financial Reports

2019/2020 AGM Notice

Click a button below to download our financial reports as PDF files.Annual Report 2020Combined Financial Statement and Annual Report 2019Combined Financial Statement and Annual Report 2018