2017 Chairman’s Message

Over the last couple of years, the Board of our club has embarked on a deliberate strategy of ascertaining the views of our members on steps that we could take to not only move our club forward but also to keep us financially viable. These views were obtained by doing our own surveys and in 2015 we engaged a consultancy company for the task.

As a Board we have used the information obtained from these surveys and structured our development accordingly. For example, a downstairs café had been identified as being a need of the members and so we have been excited by the on-going development of the downstairs bar which incorporates facilities for the provision of a light meal. Similarly, we heard the call to incorporate facilities for the family and hence the development of the playground equipment for the young children. One meeting several years ago pointed out that the Men’s toilet at the western end of the club was old and a complete refurbishment has occurred.

It should be noted that we have no outstanding debt for all of the renovations that have occurred around the club over the last couple of years. As a Board, we will need to continue our planning and look for innovative ideas which can attract new members and assists us in selling our club as the ‘Community Hub’ for Bogangar/Cabarita Beach.

To assist us in our endeavours, our club needs highly competent, enthusiastic and committed Directors for the Board. Under the current Registered Club Act, all Directors must complete mandatory training in what it means to be a Director and to understand fully the club financials for which the Board Directors are responsible.

In February this year, we conducted a seminar for interested members on “What it meant to be a Director”.   I was very pleased by the response we received when around 20 bowlers/social members attended this information session. Under our new constitution, all eligible members must attend this pre-nomination information session (Clause 27.10) before they are able to submit their nomination to be elected one of the 7 Directors.

Currently, we have 6 Directors following the resignation of Robyn Wickbold at the end of 2016. I would like this opportunity to publicly thank Robyn for the work she did over a number of years as a Director.

At our 2017 April Board meeting, the Board decided to invite Marg Turner (Clause 35.3) to fill this casual vacancy. Marg has been an active member of the Cabarita Beach Women’s Bowling Club for many years and is currently Vice President of the ladies club. Marg has completed all the relevant requirements outlined in the constitution and has been an enthusiastic and caring worker among the lady bowlers. We indeed look forward to Marg’s contributions in Board discussions.

Back in early 2000’s the NSW Premier asked the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) to conduct a review of the registered club industry in NSW. The final report was printed in 2008.

One shortcoming IPART committee identified was the constitutional restriction that limits the number of Board positions that social members can hold and hence inhibiting people with appropriate skills from being elected to registered Club Boards. One recommendation from the IPART report adopted by the Government was that Board should modify their constitutions so as 2 social members with the desired skills could be appointed Directors by the elected Board for a period of no more than 3 years. As a result, our new constitution states that the current Board can make these appointments for the benefit of the club. (Clause 27.2 and 27.4)

At our 2017 April Board meeting, the Directors decided to invite John Klose and Kearen Finn to become Directors of the Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club until the 2019 AGM.

John has an enormous amount of business experience which will be of great assistance as we steer our path through future developments. Kearen has had managerial experience with Centrelink and has had active involvement with our Fishing Sub-Club and is a regular attendee at club activities. All members will be able to view John’s and Kearen’s curriculum vitae to be found on the Club Noticeboard in the TAB area.

I am confident that Marg, John and Kearen will broaden our thinking and thus enhance our decision making in the coming months.

Finally, the Board is reliant on their decisions being effectively acted upon. Our thanks are extended to our General Manager, Nick Brabham, and his staff for their support of the Board. As well, we have many volunteers within the sub-clubs who devote hours of their time in ensuring their clubs meet the varied needs of their members.

On occasions, we stop to recognize the outstanding commitment individuals have made to the functioning of our club over the years. At a specially convened General Meeting on Saturday 15th July at 1:00pm, I will be asking the members to bestow Life Membership on Mr. Ron McCauley for his outstanding contribution to the bowling community at local, district and Zone level. This activity will form part of our 54th Anniversary Celebrations on this weekend. I trust that we can all come together to acknowledge Ron’s contributions.

Let us continue to work together in making the Cabarita Beach Bowls & Sports Club the best club on the Tweed Coast.

Ian Crabb
Board Chairman
5th May, 2017

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Solar Success

In September of 2012 the club installed a 62.5 kWh system from Infinity Power. Since its installation the club has generated over 130,000 kWh using this technology. Along with the upgrades to lighting and other energy saving initiatives the club has been able to reduce its usage by over 4,000 kWh per month. This not only is benefiting our cost control but has also reduced our carbon foot print by 410 tonnes in the last 12 months.

This graphs shows the kWh reduction over the last three and a half years.

Solar Chart

The Club will continue its commitment to green alternatives where possible in 2016.


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An ECO update from Dave

Our’ GREEN INITATIVES” program began in 2008 with the establishment of our worm farm, our little critters recycle all of the vegetable waste discarded from our restaurant kitchen, and the vermicast produced is used to make our nutrient rich and biologically active compost teas which is used on our greens, surrounds and gardens. The only waste from the kitchen that enters land fill is packaging, everything else including the egg shells and onion skins are collected and either composted or fermented to make insect deterrents.

One of our goals is to reduce our dependency on chemicals and synthetic fertilizers used to maintain our greens .Growing and maintaining sports turf sustainably is very demanding, our use of synthetic fertilizers has decreased significantly over the past several years as we develop a program to balance our soil biology by converting our organic waste into high quality compost and compost teas. We are selectively growing plants throughout our gardens that contain the vital minerals deficient in our soils .these plants are harvested and fermented for several weeks to produce our own natural fertilizers. We still have a lot to learn but as the quality of our products increase so will the quality of our greens surfaces.

Cabarita beach bowls and sports club is a member of the office of environment and heritages “sustainable advantage scheme “this program is a business support service that helps organizations like ours improve their environmental performance, reduce costs and value add to its business. The sustainable advantage recognition scheme provides public acknowledge of our achievements through the program.

We have established a strategic plan to deal with our waste, energy and water consumption. This plan is constantly monitored and reviewed.


At CBBSC our long-term vision is committed to being innovative to deliver a sustainable future. We will support our local community and create partnerships so that our organization and the community continue to grow and flourish together.

Together with the support of management, staff and club members we are well on our way to a more sustainable future.

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Tahitian Lime Tree with a beautiful crop

Tahitian Lime Tree with a beautiful crop




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Cabarita Men’s Bowls DIV 2, DIV 6  and DIV 7 all won the district competition.

This is a great boost to our club and a well-deserved result after 10 weeks of preparation and competition.

Congratulations to all the Pennant teams for your efforts and I am sure that Cabarita is now on its way to becoming the powerhouse club in Zone 1 N.S.W.

The three divisions will now be playing for the Zone championship on the 20th & 21st of June at Brunswick Heads Div 2, Pottsville Div 6 and Mullumbimby Div 7.

We would like all of our Members to support these teams in the up and coming Zone finals and continue the journey to The State Finals.

Well done Cabarita


Division 7 District Champions

Division 7 District Champions

Division 2 District Champions

Division 2 District Champions

Division 6 District Champions

Division 6 District Champions

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Minute to Win It a roaring success

$385 given away already in the Minute to Win it Cash Machine! Our 2 lucky winners so far are Wayne Linning who won $200 on Saturday 10th May and Michelle Townsend winning $185 on Saturday the 17th of May. Just be at the club on a Saturday night during the promotional period at 6.30pm for your chance to win.

With $10,000 up for grabs on Saturday 12th July on the final draw night.

Click here for more information…

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6 keys drawn Only 5 to go!

Only 5 more chances to win a key to the boat valued at over $10,000.

Don’t forget to be in with a chance you need to either make a purchase, become a member or renew your membership. Then be at the Club on one of the following Saturday nights 25th Jan, 1st Feb, 8th Feb, 15th Feb or 22nd Feb at 6.30pm for the key draw. The final draw will be on Saturday 22nd February at 6.45pm.

Have a look at our lucky winners so far:

Winner 1 Sat 14th-Dec-Wayne McLeod

Winner 1 Sat 14th-Dec-Wayne McLeod


Wayne-McLeod - Wins again Sat 21st Dec

Wayne-McLeod – Wins again Sat 21st Dec


Winner number 3 - Sat 28th Dec - Ben Huber

Winner number 3 – Sat 28th Dec – Ben Huber

Winner  4, Sat 4th Jan Waz Hammond

Winner 4, Sat 4th Jan
Waz Hammond

Winner  5, Sat 11th Jan Al Marshall

Winner 5, Sat 11th Jan
Al Marshall


Winner 6, Sat 18th Jan Wayne Moore

Winner 6, Sat 18th Jan Wayne Moore



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